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Bestselling author, Morissa Schwartz, can guide you into writing the next great book. She offers consultations, editing and proofreading services, writing services, book formatting, and “readership” advice. 684 clients and counting have praised her services.

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Top Rated on Fiverr

Morissa has been working on Fiverr for over two years as of June 2014. She is a “Top Rated Seller” and a “Super Seller” on the site.  Check out her page here:  http://www.fiverr.com/feefeertr

Fiverr also produced a great video about her and her work:  Check it out here:

Here is an article Fiverr published when she became a Super Seller:


This is from an interview with US News:



Check out this great talk Morissa did at an event for Fiverr in NYC: