Dr. Schwartz is proud to be honored as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 for 2022!

Morissa Schwartz — Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing

Dr. Morissa Schwartz is a talented wordsmith and entrepreneur, best-selling author, magazine personality, and public speaker who built a successful business empire while completing her Masters’ s in Communication and Doctorate in Literature.

Dr. Morissa Schwartz is the owner of DrRissysWriting.com – a 360 marketing company called the top social media and PR company as seen on Forbes, and GenZPublishing.org – a publishing company focused on publishing diverse authors, which has produced over 15 Amazon bestsellers. Dr. Schwartz is a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur, among others. She holds a doctorate in literature from Drew University and has a Masters in Corporate and Public Communication.


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An innovative publisher for talented authors to have their work seen, recognized, and read by a large audience. Unlike most publishers who only publish established writers or those with a literary agent, we publish based on the author’s talent and their book’s content. We have had six bestsellers in the past two years and have helped launch a number of great authors’ careers.

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