Dr. Morissa Schwartz, GenZ Publishing at Barnes & Noble’s B*Teen Bookfest

A fantastic event at Barnes & Noble in Edison, NJ. Dr. Morissa Schwartz was happy to talk about the publishing process, writing, and all things books to a crowd of teens and aspiring writers.

The Fair, Sweetest Sound, and More!

As we head into August, here are some of the big happenings around here!

  • There are some new updates and features on Morissa’s website Coastal NJ Small Business. This is your guide to great small businesses on the NJ coast.
  • GenZ Publishing has some great new books coming out. Check them all out! There’s something for everyone.


Original post here

“As Summer is upon us, there are so many new and continuing projects. Here are some of my latest:

  • GenZ has a number of new titles coming out. Dry World by Dylan Brock was released this past week, and A Confession by William F. Aicher will release July 8. Later this summer, we will be releasing some sci-fi, YA, and poetry books. See all the GenZ books at GenZ’s website.
  •  A new GenZ Podcast episode will be released later this week with exclusive information on all our upcoming releases and an interview with the creators of the adult coloring book, ‘Zoo University.’
  • I feature different eco-friendly small businesses from the Coastal NJ area on my websiteCoastalNJSmallBusiness.com on a weekly basis. Check out some of the latest features, including Holly Jolly Jams and Woof Gang Bakery here. There are many more features coming soon!
  • I am now an ‘expert’ on SheSource, so journalists and companies/organizations looking for speakers, scheduling is now easier than ever!
  • I have been doing book festivals and readings every weekend. My favorite so far this summer was the BTeen Festival at Barnes & Noble.
  • My blog of facts, quotes, and fun, My Neon Green Notebook, is constantly being updated with fun new content, as is my Instagram, where I am having fun learning guitar and sharing the results of that.
  • My collaborative single with professional pianist Ian Green, ‘The Sweetest Sound,’ will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Have a great summer, and keep in touch! Tell me about your summer projects. I am always looking for new opportunities and collaborations.”

A Special Message from Morissa About GenZ

“Last June, after graduating from Drew University, I was all set to begin my life as a grad student at NYU. I had my acceptance letter in hand when I decided that this was not actually the school for me. It was time for a new plan.

I was in the process of having VIP Ink Publishing publish my book, but at the same time, I saw so many young writers and students with talent not getting the recognition that they deserved. I realized how difficult it is for new and young writers to be published. And thus, GenZ Publishing was born.

I started writing up my business plan. I showed it to my father (Leon), an entrepreneur himself, who encouraged me more than anyone could possibly dream. He gave me advice and steered me in the right direction. I kept planning my business for months, while I began graduate study at Monmouth University. Then, VIP Ink released my book, and it became a bestseller. That reinforcement reignited my need to help other talented new writers get published.

I officially launched GenZ on November 23. I had no marketing budget or allowance. I only had my work ethic. I began promoting my new company via social media. I would often stay up until 4am, trying to find the perfect new writers for my company and ways to make GenZ a success.

Then, in December, I received an email from Kevin W. Peery who had written an incredible poetry book. I was a huge fan of Mr. Peery’s music (If you haven’t heard “Life’s Too Short,” you’re really missing out) and decided that he would be GenZ’s first published author. I am so glad I did.

Mr. Peery’s book is now in the top 10 of Amazon’s Hot New Releases for American Poetry, and I could not be prouder.

The past couple months have felt like years in how quickly GenZ has grown. We now have twelve signed authors and have gotten dozens of query letters in the past few weeks. The authors have formed an amazing community and are such talented and kind individuals. We are publishing everything from supernatural thriller to autobiographical inspirational books to YA sci-fi.

GenZ has grown so quickly to become something even better than I could have possibly imagined. I am so thankful and cannot wait to see what happens next.”