Dr. Schwartz Rated in the Top 10 Social Media Marketing Consulants in NY/NJ

Dr. Morissa Schwartz and her team have been rated #2 in the top 10 Social Media Marketing Consultants in the NY/NJ area!

Thumbtack keeps tabs on those working on their platform and maintains top 10 lists for all sorts of services in local areas. Dr. Schwartz and her team are proud to be rated so highly, and look forward to continuing to offer such high-quality work and great value to their clients!



Dr. Morissa Schwartz to Host Webinar on Growing Your Virtual Team

Join Dr. Morissa Schwartz as she explains the ins and outs of working with a virtual team in her webinar, Growing Your Virtual Team, on March 9th!

Dr. Morissa Schwartz is partnering with the Women’s Center For Entrepreneurship Corporation in New Jersey to offer a workshop to help you reach your potential working with virtual team members.


You can see the details and join the webinar here. Morissa looks forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Morissa Schwartz to Receive Drew University’s 2020 Young Alumni Award

Recently, Drew University has decided to award Morissa their Young Alumni Award for 2020. The decision was unanimous among those voting, and we are proud to share the exciting news with you here!

The celebration of this achievement will be held on June 6th at Drew University’s Alumni Weekend. Dr. Morissa Schwartz looks forward to seeing any fellow Drew University alumni there!

Patchlike.com – A blog on How to Decorate Your Clothing for Different Occasions

Patchlike.com is a blog about how you can decorate your clothing for different occasions. At Patchlike you will find a lot of different ideas that can inspire you and your friends.

Recently, there was a post about how you can quickly and effectively use patches for Halloween fun. There you will find ideas on how to improve men’s t-shirt by adding a cobweb patch. You’ll also see ways to style the Orange backpack using a few scary patches — even, something for women: patches to attach to the hair.

If you don’t know how to prepare your family for Halloween quickly and elegantly, then check out their blog.

Making Rainbow Wings with Sharon Shvarzman

Sharon Shvarzman, came over to cook these delicious rainbow wings with Morissa; each is a different flavor! You may recognize Sharon from a little channel called the Food Network. He’s done a couple shows on there, most recently as the winner of the Great Food Truck Race for his wings!

VR Competition

Morissa competed in the Virtual Reality Expert Beat Saber Tournament at CTRL V and won first place!

She enjoys a wide variety of interests to balance out her work as one of the top two marketers in NY.