Micro-influencers article featuring Morissa Schwartz

Morissa Schwartz – The Major Micro-influencer

If there is such a person as a major micro-influencer, Morissa Schwartz would definitely fit the description.

-Virtual Stacks Systems

Check out this article Morissa was featured in on virtualstacks.com!

In the article they discuss what a micro-influencer is, their place in the market, and the importance of the work. Some people seem to have some misconceptions about influencer marketing, writing it off as a waste of time. This could not be further from the truth!

Of course, Schwartz is quick to address common misconceptions about micro-influencers (and influencers in general). “There’s this stereotype that all they do is post selfies, and that no thought goes into it. You need to have a bit of knowledge in marketing and branding. It’s not all just photos and hashtags.”

-Virtual Stacks Systems

Make sure to head over and take a look!

Move Over Kim Kardashian – Here Comes the Micro-Influencer

Micro-influencers article featuring Morissa Schwartz

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