Goal List

Making a goal list (bucket list) is vital at any age. It adds meaning to life by giving you something to strive for and an incredible sense of accomplishment when you do accomplish what you set out to.

I know, because I wrote a goal list at age 12 and had worked hard to cross goals off, from breaking a Guinness World Record, to being on television, to save a life. Read more about my story:

When You’re Handed Lemons…

Topping off the List

75% Complete…

Learn how you too can start accomplishing your dreams with my article about “Making a Bucket List in Your 20s.”

I am a professional motivational speaker. I can speak at your event about how you too can make a ‘bucket’ list and cross off your goals.  You can call (732) 306-5995 or email Morissa@GenZPublishing.org for more information.