Keeping Calm and Relaxed When Stressed

Life can be full of stressful situations, maybe you have been working hard lately or perhaps money is tight, and you need to reduce your budget. Whatever the reason, these events can cause you to feel stressed and unable to function as well as you would like. If you don’t try to deal with your stress, it can quickly become a big problem that affects all aspects of your life. Here are some of the ways that you can learn to deal with your stress and keep calm.

Breathe Slowly

When you are starting to feel anxious or stressed, your breathing will increase, and that can make the situation worse. To try and stop this from happening, you need to make a conscious effort to slow your breathing down. It will be hard to do at first, as your body will want to fight it, but after a while, you will start to breathe slowly and evenly. You should breathe deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. As you do this, you should start to feel your anxiety and stress getting less.

Distract Yourself

In most cases, the times you start to get stressed is when there is an event coming up, or you start to think of things that worry you. It is important that you try to distract your brain from focusing on these things and instead do something else. There are many ways that you can distract yourself; you can count backward from 100, draw a figure-eight in the palm of your hand, or play a game on your mobile phone. If you have distracted yourself effectively, then you should start to feel calmer and better able to think effectively about what is worrying you.

Take Some Time Out

Sometimes being in a busy place or having others around you can make the feelings of stress worse. When this happens, you should try to move yourself out of the situation and spend some time on your own. If you have children with you, then try to engage them in something like truth or dare questions for kids so you can have some time to calm down. Use the deep breathing and the distraction techniques to assist you.

Be Prepared

One of the reasons you can get stressed and anxious is when things happen that you aren’t expecting. It can be particularly bad for those that like to have everything planned and organized. To try and remove this worry, do your best to plan things in advance. Not everything can be planned or organized, but if you can, then this will enable you to measure your emotions and prepare yourself for the event. If you have a bad memory, then add reminders to important events or things in your diary. That way, they won’t come as a surprise or be missed altogether.

Learning to manage and deal with your stress is the best way to keep yourself from getting too upset.

What Happened to Deadpool?!

Like most of us, I have been waiting eagerly for over two years to see Deadpool 2.  I was so excited about this premiere, that I donned my Deadpool shirt, jacket, necklace, and socks and drove to a theater located an hour and a half away from my house, because it was the only one around showing the Deadpool double feature (at a mighty $28 price tag, I might add). No part of me had even considered that this movie would be short of amazing. Boy, was I wrong!

Major spoilers ahead! Don’t read if you haven’t seen it and plan to.

I loved Deadpool more than any other movie of the 2010s. Partly because of the humor and original take on superheroes (a genre that I keep up with religiously), partly because it came to me at a time when I was dealing with the cancer diagnosis of a close family member and the fact that Wade got his powers because of a sort of cancer treatment was pretty awesome, but mainly because of the smart writing. The latter sure went down the tubes in this installment.

Let’s start with that beginning. Vanessa gets shot and killed. It seems that ever since Batman V Superman, these new superhero movies all feel the need to kill off our main characters…but we’ll get to that later.

Deadpool tries to unsuccessfully kill himself multiple times, and each time he is ‘close’ he gets to see Vanessa in this dreamlike afterlife for a brief moment…see, something I liked about Deadpool was that is was at least sort of ‘believable’ in a comic book sort of way. But these afterlife sequences struck me not as emotional, but just plain dumb. They did not fit into a movie like this. This is not What Dreams May Come. It’s a humorous superhero movie.

Then, after a strange series of events, Wade goes to jail with a fourteen year old mutant. First off, why would a fourteen year old be going to an adult prison? I understand it’s a prison for mutants, but you’d think they’d definitely separate the kids and adults. Also, the kid was clearly being abused. How did only Deadpool notice and take pity on him?

Anyway, while in jail, they have to wear these collars that take their powers away. Now remember, Wade’s power is that his body instantly heals itself. So how is it that when the collar goes on him, his cancer instantly comes back? Because if we are going by that thinking, that anything his body healed after receiving his powers would be reversed, then wouldn’t every bullet wound, knife slash, and injury that he has sustained since receiving his powers do him in? Otherwise, how is it that the cancer came back so quickly and powerfully? If it was eradicated, it would be gone! It would not come back…and certainly not at such an impact.

Now, the whole jail scene goes on wayyy too long. Why do superhero movies all need jail scenes now, by the way? Guardians of the Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad….enough!

I will also add that there were far fewer laughs at this point than in the original. In fact, laughs are pretty rare. And when there is a joke, 4/5 times, it is pretty cheap and unoriginal. That is, the original brought so much original material that any jokes here are pretty much a rehashing or something only a 14 year old boy while laugh at.

This is pretty much where the movie lost me. I realized that my beloved original Deadpool movie was an anomaly. A great treat. And Deadpool 2 would not be the same thing.

While there were a few more laughs as the movie progressed, most of the good one were already shown in the trailer. I kept searching for redeeming qualities and just kept getting let down. There were more plot holes than I could count, and Cable was underwhelming.

I will skip to the end, because that is where it really hits the fan. See, Deadpool even jokes about lazy writing at the fact that Cable can only travel in time twice: once to save his family and once to get back to them. At least he admits the writing is lazy.

Again, after an odd series of events, Deadpool winds up sacrificing himself for that fourteen year old mutant (who has an Australian accent that no one even addresses by the way.) Yup, he joins the ranks of seemingly every other superhero in recent memory and dies. He does so by putting on the collar from prison that strips mutants of their powers and gets hit by a bullet.

But oh, wait, remember how Cable can go back in time? He does that and saves Deadpool. Now, if he really wanted to save Deadpool, why wouldn’t he have just removed the collar as Deadpool was dying so that Deadpool could heal himself? The collars were removable. We had seen it get removed before! Then, he could have saved his time travel.

But nevermind all that, because as soon as the credits start to roll, we see Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her GF repairing Cable’s time travel thingy, and guess what? They save Vanessa. This also allows Deadpool save one of the guys that he rounded up for his team…which makes no sense, as if he has the power to save that guy, why wouldn’t he just prevent his team from jumping out of the helicopter so none of them died? Basically, this scene means that virtually everything that happened in this movie meant nothing.  See when you add time travel into a movie like this, it renders so much of it nonsense.

There were a lot of other issues, but it would take a short book to point them all out.

The best way to describe how I feel is heartbroken. Deadpool was the rebel hero. His movie and comics were something different. He was sassy, funny, daring, AND smart. A part of me wants to purge myself of my Deadpool posters, comics, figurines, and apparel, but I can’t let a bad sequel ruin the love I have for the original. At least we always have the brilliant original…

How to Improve Your Memory

Have you ever watched someone counting cards at a poker game and thought how can a person increase the memory to such an extent and have such advanced mind and memory function that they can remember all of those cards? There are a number of ways to develop better mind and memory function on an ongoing basis and one of the best ways is using creative games that improve memory.

If you have been looking for techniques for improving memory, you have probably come across a number of products that can help you. But did you know that underlying the success of all these products is a very simple ‘secret’ technique that can not only be used for improving memory, but also for enhancing many other aspects of your life?

This technique for improving memory is so simple that it would be easy to disregard it. But don’t make that mistake. By making some simple changes to your life you can have a major positive effect on your memory and concentration, regardless of whatever additional techniques you may choose to employ.  As a side benefit, your overall health and quality of life will also improve.

The ‘secret’ technique consists of two things – Exercise and Nutrition!

Our brain is responsible for storing and managing our memories.  It is an absolutely incredible organ that, by and large, we take for granted…until it doesn’t work as well as we would like. However, if we treat it well, it will reward us with excellent powers of recall and concentration.

Regular exercise is absolutely critical to good brain health and to improving memory. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and helps to clear away any waste products. Exercise also stimulates the production of the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brain, such as endorphins, which help us to approach life, learning and memory improvement in a much more engaged and constructive way.

Exercise is a great technique for improving memory because it calms us down, helps us to breathe more evenly and deeply, and removes the stress and ‘fuzziness’ of mind that prevents our memories from being stored and recalled efficiently.

Providing proper nutrition is also a critical ‘technique’ for improving memory.  In some respects the brain is like an incredibly complex machine that needs top quality fuel to function at its best.  Natural, unprocessed foods are great for improving memory and concentration.

It also pays to have a look at what you drink.  Drinking plenty of fresh water can greatly assist your clarity of mind. Be mindful that stimulants such as caffeine will tend to make you feel more ‘jumpy’, instead of calm and focused, which is the best state to be in for improving memory.  Alcohol can also reduce your ability to think clearly and this should be borne in mind if you are focusing on improving your memory.

Author Bio: Sohail is a content marketer and a blogger, currently he is associated with an online tuition agency in Singapore. His hobbies include writing, reading books, traveling and gardening.


Give People Time to Read Your Book

By GenZ Founder Morissa Schwartz

When authors write a book, they tend to think that they’re going to have instant success. I was one of them. Right after I self-published my first book in high school, when I didn’t have people knocking down my door, I thought I was a failure. I would never write again! (That lasted all of two days).

When I had my first book traditionally published, I tried to have a book signing in town at an arts center. The venue said ‘no,’ and I thought I was a failure. I assumed that they hated my book and that my book was awful. I thought I knew that this meant no one was going to read my book, that my book was a failure.

But things take time. A few months after the venue declined,  I got an email from a local library, and they wanted me to do a feature reading there. They made posters and had a whole event dedicated to just me and my book. There were a good 50 readers there, and it was amazing. One of the people there was a manager at Barnes& Noble. And she asked me to do a reading there.  Now, that has been my dream…to do a reading at Barnes & Noble since I was eight years old, when I saw the author of my favorite books doing a reading there. Then, I got to do two Barnes & Noble book readings, just from that one opportunity.  Those readings were MONTHS after my book was released. Many authors make the mistake of thinking that everything must be done WHEN your book is released, but really, book readings and promos can happen at any time. In fact, focusing on readings after your book is released is better, because focusing on it before can get in the way of the creative/publishing process.13198533_1258519757509715_2102968915135136407_o

Instant success does not happen with a book for the simple reason that it takes some time for people to read a book. Even if someone purchases your book the day it is released, the majority will not read it right away…but the majority will not buy it the instant it is released either. So as much as you may want people to read your book and get those glowing reviews right away just doesn’t always (or even often) happen.  Life gets in the way and you have to understand your readers.

For my book, Notes Never Sent, the main purpose was to inspire people. And I did not think it inspired anybody at first. My parents read it, and they loved it. But they’re my parents; they have to be nice and say they love my writing right? I didn’t really see any reaction at first. The first reaction I actually saw was at that library. I read a story that I wrote about my great-grandmother, and a woman in the third row was hysterically crying. That was when I realized that my book really can impact people. It was doing what I set out for it to do, and I had been too blinded by my own fears to see it.

Fast-forward to one year later, only a month ago, and I was at an event speaking to female entrepreneurs.  A woman that I did not know came up to me and told me that her daughter is a fan. I wondered why she was trying to flatter me like that. There is no way that I could have ‘fans.’ I’m not Taylor Swift. I thought ‘what’s the catch?’ Was she trying to sell me something? But it turns out, she was genuine. Later in the night, she asked me if I would meet her daughter. She wanted me to surprise her for her 16th birthday. So we met at a local diner (a central location in my book) and when her daughter walked into the diner she screamed. She was so happy. “You’re the best mom ever!” she yelled to her mom, as she proceeded to ask how her mom got me there. It was surreal. We talked for an hour and a half about reading and writing. She was inspired by my book for all that time, and I had no idea.

It’s been nearly 2 years since my book was released, and I am only now finding out that it inspired people.

So, authors, I leave you with this: be patient. Success does not happen overnight; you never know who is going to read your book and when they are going to do so.

‘Writing for the New Generation’ is #1!

Who says books lose popularity as they get older?

“Morissa’s guide to writing, Writing for the New Generation, is #1 in the Kindle Store’s Language Book Category.”  


Writing for the New Generation turns one-year-old next month, and in celebration of the anniversary, is FREE on Amazon for the next week! Read it now.

13427766_1167848223250045_7067373548829370103_nAnd if you really like it, post a review, share it with your friends, and let it inspire you to WRITE!

One Year of GenZ Publishing

Press release from GenZ:

Aberdeen, NJ November 8, 2016: GenZ Publishing is clearly the fastest growing publisher of 2016!

Having published over thirty books (four of them topping the Amazon bestseller list) and mentoring dozens of new and innovative authors, GenZ is turning the literary publishing world upside down. This past year has been a whirlwind success, and there is no telling what will come next for this publishing startup.

Morissa Schwartz, bestselling author and literary whiz, founded GenZ Publishing after determining that there was a need for more new, young, and innovative voices in literature. Her vision was to shake up the industry by finding the very best talent and showcasing their work in trendy, new ways. She wrote her business plan for GenZ Publishing just four days after she graduated college, and the rest is history. Morissa said in a statement on her website, I had no marketing budget or allowance. I only had my work ethic. I began promoting my new company via social media. I would often stay up until 4am, trying to find the perfect new writers for my company and ways to make GenZ a success.” Through perseverance and hard work, Schwartz has found many talented authors with just as much drive, motivation, and work ethic. “It is definitely a team effort,” Schwartz explained.

GenZ publishes books in many genres, so long as the work is innovative, positive, and forward thinking to stay with GenZ’s mission of being ‘publishing of the future.’ The company’s first book release, TALES OF A RECEDING HAIRLINE by K.W. Peery, was ranked #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases List and is being heavily praised by critics for its prolific prose. Mr. Peery’s follow-up, PURGATORY, also hit #1 on the charts. GenZ and Mr. Peery are currently working on their third collaboration due out in 2017. Other popular titles from GenZ Have included young adult romance novel LEARNING TO FLYan exploration of the trials and tribulations of a military family  THE TIES THAT BIND, and psychological thriller A CONFESSION. Additionally, a sequel to mystery thriller, AN HOUR FOR MAGIC, titled Hollow be Thy Name is due out in early 2017.

GenZ celebrated the anniversary with a 45-minute-long video and podcast episode about the past year.

About GenZ Publishing from

GenZ™ is on a mission to improve the world one word at a time. That is why we are the place for voices to be heard in a way not previously done in print and on digital media.

We know from experience that building a portfolio can be difficult for writers and artists. Starting a long term career is even tougher. It can be most trying on the young people who are just getting into writing, journalism, and the workforce. Whether these young people are applying to college, graduate school, or a job, having a standout sample of their work is necessary. Being published is difficult without an agent or the establishment that comes with age and having work recognized in a sea of so many writers can be the most challenging.

Genz bgRight now, there is an underrepresentation of new, young, and innovative voices in the publishing and print world. We are ready to change that.

GenZ™ Publishing provides new writers the opportunity to have their books published that can be shared with friends, family, prospective employers, fans, and readers alike. When they have a book published, it is their way of proving to the world what they can do and how the new generation will change the way the world is looked at.

9 Musts of a 90s Sitcom Theme Song

In creating a new promo for, I studied 90s sitcom theme song scenes and their usual tropes tirelessly. Below are my findings of the musts that every show must have if they want the show to succeed, but first, my video…

  1. Cheesy Music. The main ingredient of any good theme song. Without cheesy music, how is the audience to know what this show is about?
  2. Surprised Faces. Acting surprised that there’s a camera capturing the cast doing completely normal and pretty mundane tasks…Really D.J? Is it that shocking that the cameras caught you brushing your hair?

  3. Laughing maniacally for no reason. Unless you consider air funny. In every opening for a sitcom, the characters act like they just heard Jimmy’s…and errr Cartman’s Fishsticks joke for the first time! 

  4. Skipping outdoors. Because, duh, everyone skips outdoors.

  5. Goofy dancing. C’mon show us your moves! No, wait…please don’t.

  6. Family bonding. There’s an awful lot of hugging and picnicking in these openers. We get it, you love your family! That’s why we’re watching.
  7. Thumbs ups, finger guns, and/or pointing. Eyyy, everyone wants to be The Fonze.
  8. Pastel colored kiddy fonts. Because black fonts are just too easy to read.
  9. Jean jackets. A major fashion staple. Got yours yet?

**Bonus points for a wacky neighbor and or fun animal.

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Publishing Industry

When it comes to the publishing industry, I have pretty much seen it all: self-publishing, traditional publishing, and everything in between. I self-published my first book in high school, had a book traditionally published in college, and started my own publishing company in grad school. I think about how much I didn’t know about the industry when I was just a starry-eyed high schooler writing a book, and when I talk to people about publishing now, there are misconceptions about the industry I hear over and over.


Look to Lester

My Dog, Lester, Inspires Me Every Day

I know, I know…what can a dog possibly teach you about life? A lot, actually.

See, my Maltese, Lester, is one of the most special creatures I have ever known. He is a great reminder of what it means to be inherently good.

We adopted Lester fifteen years ago, to keep my three-year-old Shi Tzu, Sammy, company when everyone was at work and school. See, at that point, Sammy was lonely and needed a friend. But Lester quickly became way more than just Sammy’s playmate. He grew into a source of joy and a reminder of the awe that is abundant in this world.


Every dog is different. I have known many dogs, all special in their own ways. One of Lester’s greatest gifts is his sweetness. In his fifteen years of life, Lester has never so much as growled at someone. He is excited to meet everyone that he comes into contact with, whether it is a tiny bunny or a grown human. He has no prejudices. He sees each of earth’s creatures the same and invites everyone he meets to play, usually with his prized hamburger squeak toy in his mouth.

Speaking of his hamburger, Lester is extremely loyal. He has gotten dozens of gifts since getting that toy as a puppy, but he always chooses the hamburger. It is his favorite, always has been, always will be. He forms bonds and sticks with them, whether they are with toys, animals, or people.

When I or a member of the family gets sick, he is loyal in the same way. The usually active little fellow will lay with them until they recover. I could bet anything that if he had thumbs, he would be preparing them soup and tea also.

Lester is also a fighter. He is fifteen, but no one who sees him ever believes it with his cheerfulness and energy. Not only is he considered an elderly dog, but just a few months ago, Lester could not even walk. He needed a wheelchair to get around.

But guess what? That little fighter worked with his wheelchair to bring back his strength.

I never thought I’d see him walk again, let alone run. Yet there he is, every day like clockwork, with his hamburger in his mouth begging to play and chasing anyone who will.

If you ever want to know what true inherent goodness looks like, look at Lester. Goodness in its purest form.

This tiny eight pound Maltese is the epitome of a being who sees the world as an amazing place and does his part to make it even better.

*And he remains adorable at all times.