This Time Next Year on Lifetime

A year doesn’t seem too long, and yet, you look back to a year ago, and everything is different.
This past year, I graduated with my masters and began earning my doctorate. I experienced the grief of dealing with a family member’s life-threatening illness and the loss of a dog (who was more like a brother) that I had since I was seven years old. I learned the joy of rescuing a new puppy and traveled across the country by myself for the first time. I started a new business. Wrote a new book. And worked on taking back my world record…
I am honored to announce that you can see my year unfold on Lifetime network this January. A group of amazing and inspirational people..and me…chronicled a year in our lives and our attempts to accomplish various goals and dreams. Then, we chatted with Kat Deeley about it..yes, she is every bit as sweet as she appears on the screen.
So watch this brand new show, This Time Next Year, and the journey a year can take you on. On Lifetime this January.

Overthinking? 7 Habits of Highly Mindful People

Smart people have the hardest time finding love because they overthink, overanalyze and generally treat love like a math puzzle or science project and not like the natural, biological process that it is.

The most important part of connecting with a romantic prospect, or anyone in life, is being totally present. This means putting ego aside, developing consciousness and keeping mental noise on the lowest volume possible. It takes work, but once you lay the foundation, it’s much simpler.

Here are Miss Alpha’s tips for building that foundation:


  1. Eat healthy.
    Sugar, caffeine, aspartame, flour, and excess salt all create agitation, which can make our minds race. We get used to it, we become addicted, and it causes us to manically overthink. If you want to be calm, start with the right fuel.


  1. Exercise.
    When you use your nervous energy to work out, there’s less fuel for that useless, noisy, mental fire.


  1. Meditate.
    Meditation clears mental clutter. It creates the ability to focus and really listen and connect with others. It relaxes you, which builds confidence regardless of alcohol intake. Meditation allows you to be authentic.

There are different types of meditation. I highly recommend “Mindfulness Meditation,” which means clearing the mind and stopping all thought. This video walks you through the process. Please do not be afraid of the quiet that is inevitable. It’s a good thing.


  1. Take time for personal reflection.

Journaling enables you to see your own behavior patterns – both good and bad – and being aware of what behaviors create your life is the most critical part of making changes.

  1. Recognize that “mind-reading” is presumptuous and arrogant.

No matter how well you know someone, even if they are an open book, there is always more to that person. Let their actions speak; get to know people during the time you are actually engaging with them. If all else fails, consider how insulting it would be for someone to presume that you are so simple, they’ve got you all figured out?

Per the immortal words of Jack Johnson:

Now please don’t pretend to know what’s on my mind
If we already knew everything that everybody knows
We would have nothing to learn tonight.


  1. Stop daydreaming!
    Feel free to daydream about your future life, your ambitions, traveling the world, falling in love; but don’t attach it to a person. People build fantasies about their romantic prospects and are easily hurt when things don’t line up. If you want something, speak up and ask for it. If you can’t do that, it’s time to find something else to think about.


  1. Accept it.
    If you want to succeed, you have to do what works. This means recognizing that there is nothing inherently wrong with your person; it’s just the behavioral ruts that you’ve created. While it’s not foolproof – I still obsess and fret occasionally. With a little discipline, things get a lot easier.


We worry because we think that worry gives us control over what the other person may do that affects us… but that is simply not true. Worrying it not a superpower. All it does is create stress and detract from a more luscious and fulfilling existence. So take a deep breath and realize that you can’t control others, you can only control yourself.


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This post contributed by Alicia Wise, a featured writer for free dating site. Alecia is a well-accomplished bilingual writer for magazines, websites and newspapers about relationships, online dating and marriage. She teaches online marketing and self-motivation on hedowntimeme.


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19 FACTS about Morissa that may surprise people…

1. Do you make your bed? Oh gosh no. There have actually been ‘scientific studies’ that prove that keeping the bed unmade prevents germs from settling…or at least that’s what I tell myself.
2. What’s your favorite number? 16
3. What is your dream job? Football playing king in space…oh wait, that’s Spongebob’s… 
4. If you could, would you go back to school? I’m still in school…and very much looking forward to graduation (I say while taking a break from writing a nice long paper in my school library)
5. Can you parallel park? Not even almost
6. A job you had which people would be shocked that you once held? I babysat for a family friend’s two children and got fired after three times for blowing dandelion seeds in the backyard. I did not know that they would spread weeds…
7. Do you think aliens are out there? There are most definitely aliens, and I hope they are exactly like Paul.
8. Can you drive a stick shift? I barely even know what that means.
9. Guilty pleasure? Slurpees. I have been addicted my whole life. #teamcoke
10. Tattoos? No…when I was younger, for a very brief time, I wanted a Hello Kitty one after seeing a sales associate at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with one. I am glad I did not do that.
11. Favorite color? Neon Green
12. Things people do that drive you insane? Annoying noises: chewing, scraping spoons, sharp noises….gosh, I sound misophonic…
13. Phobia? Fears? I have never had ‘phobia’ type fears. I’m more likely to stress about doing a poor job at something and the repercussions of that than worrying about bugs or heights…I actually kind of like both.
14. Favorite childhood game? Does Crash Bandicoot count? If not, I suppose Candyland…
15. Do you talk to yourself? Of course not…I only talk to my imaginary friends!
16. Do you like doing puzzles? Yes. I have more puzzle apps on my phone…
17. Favorite music? Rock: classic, indie, and alt all the way
18. Tea or Coffee? Neither…#teampepsi
19. First thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up? I wanted to own a building with a dollar store next to a dance studio, called Dollar World and Dance World, respectively. Yes, I got some strange looks when I announced that in pre-school, but I was (and still kind of am) obsessed with shopping in dollar stores and dancing, so it just kind of made sense.