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“Morissa does so much. She is hardworking, smart, talented, and driven…There is nothing better than when you meet someone and you can tell they have what ‘it’ is…That’s Morissa.”

-Chris Revill host of the ‘Let’s Chat’ Radio Show-

As the Voice of Generation Z, Dr. Morissa Schwartz uses her position as a young bestselling author, digital entrepreneur, and media personality to advocate for the new generation. She is the owner of GenZ Publishing, a thriving publishing company with over 50 authors signed and multiple bestsellers. She also has the best professional writing team in the business, top rated by thousands of happy clients, at Dr. Rissy’s Writing. 
Dr. Morissa Schwartz’s mission to change the world one word at a time positively. She also works with young people and aspiring entrepreneurs and makes them leaders through her talk ‘The Modern World of Work: Why a 9-5 is No Longer Your Only Option,’ where she encourages others to follow their passions and talents to succeed.

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literary prodigy, Morissa had her first national article published in Discovery Girls Magazine at age 12. She landed her first job as an adviser to Junior Scholastic Magazine at the young age 13, published her first book at age 17,  and earned the position of top-rated editor on Fiverr by the time she graduated high school. She had gained dozens of writing and editing credits through college and won the prestigious Chapman Award in poetry twice by the time she graduated from Drew University.  Her creative non-fiction book, Notes Never Sentwas published by VIP Ink Publishing. It was ranked in Amazon’s Top 200 Books in the school-age children category.

Dr. Morissa Schwartz’s publishing company, GenZ Publishing, focuses on publishing innovative writers who will give a voice to the new generation. Morissa’s book, “Writing for the New Generation” was an early release by GenZ Publishing that is a guidebook to writing in a constantly changing world. It ranked #1 for Educational Language books on Amazon. The second release by her company was “Tales of a Receding Hairline” by prolific Americana musician K.W. Peery of the Marshall Peery Project, which was also #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list of American Poetry books.

Dr. Morissa Schwartz lives by her words that “some writers are afraid to say they are writers for the same reason many artists are afraid to say they are artists.” That is how she encourages innovative writers to gain the confidence needed to publish, knowing full well that their words can heal the world.

GenZ Publishing is accepting submissions nowThey publish under 10% of books queried to provide the best in modern literature.

Morissa was also a contributor for Entertainment Weekly’s Community and has written about everything from South Park to her experience in Hollywood as a contestant on the national competitive singing show “Copycat” on MTV. She also interviews celebrities, most notably actor/writer/producer David Hornsby and director Matt Shakman and has been endorsed by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk for her articles about his books.

Dr. Morissa Schwartz graduated as the president of the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society from Drew University and completed her Master’s Degree at Monmouth University in corporate and public communication. She is currently earning her doctorate in literature at Drew University, where she started her thriving writing business with an incredible team of world-class writers who have served thousands of happy clients at Dr. Rissy’s Writing.

Dr. Morissa Schwartz also firmly believes in small business and keeping the earth green, which is why she started and curated Coastal NJ Small Business through the Urban Coast Institute.

As an accomplished singer/songwriter, Morissa was featured in front of a large studio audience and millions of home viewers on MTV. She was also highlighted on Spotlight NJ for her singing, as well as some other programs. Her song “A Hunting We Will Go” was featured in the trailer for New York Times bestselling author Maggie Shayne’s book trailer. Her version of Paranoid for Girls Life Magazine went viral with millions of views, and her rendition of Battlefield earned her a feature spot in Jive Records/Six Flags’ artist showcase. Her collaboration with celebrated composer and pianist, Ian Green, is a single that she wrote called “The Sweetest Sound.” Morissa sings the National Anthem for professional sporting events and performs at concerts, shows, and events across the US.

“Morissa is an amazing singer. I had the privilege to hear Morissa sing the National Anthem at the Board of Chosen Freeholders Reorganization Meeting and it gave me chills. She sang with the utmost respect and pride for our country…Morissa is an intelligent, capable, dedicated young woman. She is well rounded and excels at what she puts her mind to. “ –Ron Rios, NJ Freeholder


Barnes & Noble Reading/Book Signing

Morissa started writing for the Entertainment Weekly Community while still a college student.

Shooting the cover of Morissa’s Bestselling Book ‘Notes Never Sent’

Morissa’s jewelry has been featured in multiple art shows and is available at Shante’s Boutique

Morissa’s book ‘Notes Never Sent’ was published by VIP Ink Publishing.

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Morissa’s Feature on the Drew University Homepage

Morissa seeks to empower the new generation through words.

Morissa was President of Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society at Drew University.

Morissa sings at many events.

Morissa published her first book ‘A Career in Contests’ at age 17, which is about Morissa’s experience winning over 1000 contests including breaking a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets.