The Collegiate Environment Requires Careful Strategy for Success

Don’t Believe The Hype

Don’t go to college to find yourself. Don’t go to college to party. You’ll think you’ve found yourself, and you’ll certainly have fun partying—but the rainbow has to come to an end, the night is replaced by the dawn, and your collegiate experience will be traded for debt that could be crippling if you haven’t properly prepared.

Go to college to learn how to live on a budget in terms of food and other necessities, to learn a new discipline, to finish what you start, and to make professional contacts that you may use in later life as an adult. Also, you’ll be living on your own likely for the first time in your life—so choose your living conditions wisely. If you’re lucky you can get a full-ride scholarship.

Ideally, you want some kind of scholarship going into school. Not everyone will get one through their coursework in high school, but here’s the thing: there is always money available. You just have to seek it out. Even if you’re not academically excellent, there are going to be monetary solutions out there if you’re just diligent enough to search.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are collegiate scholarship resource ledgers, your counselors in high school can help you apply for scholarships, if you’re from a lower-income family the FAFSA (Federal Assistance For Student Aid) could help you out, and your ethnic background may also play a part in getting you funding to study.


Additionally there are religious institutions that will mete out scholarship, there are tests you can take that can do the same, and the list of opportunities go on. It’s difficult to get a full ride, but if you can turn a $60k degree into a $40k degree, that’s substantial.


Here’s the thing: you’re going to be free. You’re going to have fun. And you’re going to want to party—even if you’re a studious individual, these temptations will come. It’s alright to pursue them in moderation, but you can really get yourself into trouble if you’re not careful. You could even lose a scholarship!


Choose The Right Degree

Also, the kind of degree you choose could have a big impact on whether or not you see overall success at the end of the day. Lawyers are diminishing in number because the internet provides for many services that previously required an educated professional. Also, a law degree takes time. You may end up spending eight years before you pass the bar.


Medical degrees are similar. The thing is, if you do it right, you’ll likely have a lucrative career in fields like this; but there’s no guarantee. That said, collegiate degrees that fill a niche of this kind are more likely to yield success. A political science degree—well, it may get you somewhere; but not much further than just working after high school will. It’s the same for communications, journalism, English, liberal arts, music, theater, and the list goes on.


Lingual degrees can be very useful, it will still likely be at least a decade before technological algorithms can totally replace a human translator. Chemistry, biology, and mathematical degrees can likewise be very useful if you’ve got the aptitude. Psychology may or may not work for you in the long-run.


The truth is, if you want to escape debt and find a job in your area of study, you’re probably going to have to focus on something about which you’re not necessarily passionate, but which you could see yourself “doing”. This is one reason many are vying by the trade school route today.

Trade Schools And Collegiate Guides

A mechanical trade school will return you a certification that will definitely get you work once you’re done, and you’ll be able to maintain such success going forward provided you put in what you want to get out. It’s not the same for many other degrees; and college loans can take decades to pay off.


If you’re trying to learn how to succeed in college, here’s a guide from; according to the site, the guide: “…will walk you through how to succeed in college, including exactly how to avoid the most common student pitfalls, and make the most of your classes, job prospects, and overall college experience.”


You desperately need assistance determining what you’re going to do in a collegiate sense. The reality is, the modern higher education experience today is much different than it was for your parents, and for their parents. Today college is almost a perfunctory bureaucratic need.


As such, you need a degree for even a basic job, but it may not end up getting you any specific occupation. However if you know what to do beforehand through informed decision, you’ll have greater likelihood of succeeding in your career endeavors.







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