Top 4 Benefits Of Adding Indoor Water Features

As an interior landscaper, you most likely appreciate the positive impact the introduction of plants has when they are brought indoors. However, there are other aspects of nature that you can bring indoors such as a water body. A brook or an artificial river can help create a relaxed summer day.

Some water features are extravagantly elaborate while others are simple; some require ample space and planning and other need a simple installation approach, but all are easy to manage if you have the right equipment. You can work with different water features depending on the available space and the effect your clients want.

If the space is big, consider working with layered fountains, atriums large ponds, or foyers. As for small rooms such as the office or even hallways, table tabletop fountains or simple wall fountain will work best. Irrespective of what you are working with, adding water bodies in indoor spaces has several benefits such as:

  1. Relaxation

The sight and sound of moving water create a calming, relaxing effect. We stay in environments that have different stressors, be it at the work place of at home. Building water features in such spaces can help lower the stress levels, increasing morale and therein productivity.

The sound of moving water is a gentle white noise that can help block out other distracting or disturbing sounds thus increasing concentration levels. This moving water can be created from a traditional water feature or one like these from Placing such water features in the hallways and waiting areas can also help lower anxiety levels; such installation can work best in medical clinics’ waiting areas to make visits more pleasing for patients.

  1. Negative Ions

Moving water generates negative ions, and these are, according to WebMD, beneficial to your overall health. The air around running water is full of negative ions that are often depleted in places such as the offices and rooms with ACs and electronic appliances. WebMD highlighted something that the Research Director at Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences in Charlotte, Pierce J. Howard.

Pierce is also the author of The Owner Manual For The Brain – Everyday Applications From Mind Brain Research. He suggests that negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to and in the brain leading to lower cases of drowsiness and higher levels of alertness and higher mental energy. He also suggests that the negative ions help fight germs in the air that playing a role in reduces cases of breathing complications such as coughing, sneezing and other allergies caused by inhaling tiny particles.

WebMD further suggests negative ion can increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical in manufactured in the body to help manage moods. The negative ions can help people feel better physically and mentally by triggering an increased production of serotonin. Thus features with moving water can contribute to increased amounts of negative ions indoors.

  1. Humidity

Installing water features in rooms can help improve the indoor humidity. The moving water raises that humidity levels, which is essential especially for places that experience controlled room temperatures that are managed by ACs or central heating units. The increased humidity makes it comfortable to stay in spaces for both people and any indoor plants.

  1. Visual Stimulation

Visual stimulation is also another thing that is associated with indoor water features. So, as an indoor landscaper, you will also add to the aesthetics of the room décor when you add water features along with indoor plants. So, consider educating your clients of the benefits of these features such as having a fountain surrounded by several orchids, a wall fountain with stately tree framing, or a large fountain surrounded by tropical greens.

Using plants to accompany the water features will enhance the overall effects of installing these in indoor spaces.

3 thoughts on “Top 4 Benefits Of Adding Indoor Water Features

  1. Scott Adams says:

    I hadn’t thought about how the sound of running water could block out distractions and help you relax. I have been thinking about adding a fountain to my house, but I wasn’t sure how it wold help. I can see how it would be good to try it out because it might help me focus more while I study.


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