Top 10 Bizarre End Credits in Movies Easter Eggs Video

10 Most bizarre end credits in movies you’ve never seen Easter eggs

I’m a sucker for weird facts. Especially pop culture ones. And that’s why today I bring you nine bizarre movie credits you didn’t know about. We’re talking major easter eggs here, people.

Movie credits…do you ever actually sit through them in any kind of movie besides Marvel? Do you dare read them? If you’re like most of us, you’re probably more likely to watch paint dry. Statistically speaking.

I always wonder “who actually reads these things?”

I always imagined they are really just there for the cast, crew, and their families. Mainly so they can say, “Hey, look, Ma! I did the movie thing.

But movie credits actually can serve an even bigger purpose than impressing a crew member’s great aunt. See, some of the greatest Easter eggs of all time are hiding right in the credits, and I have compiled some of the greatest (and most surprising) of all time that you haven’t seen.


       An American Werewolf in London, 1976:  A congratulations to Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their marriage.

A “congratulations” to Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their marriage is included in the end credits to “An American Werewolf in London,” because you know, why not?

See, this film came out the same year as the royal wedding, and if you thought the royal wedding of Will and Kate was a big deal, then you probably didn’t live in the 80s. I didn’t either, but I’ve heard good things.

That’s why that Easter egg of a credit was the polite thing to do, really. There’s that famous American hospitality the world has come to expect, and we would expect the same back each time a Beyonce or Kim K got married, because they are the closest we are going to get to a Princess Di.

       Creepshow, 1959: Roach Wrangler is credited, for the multiple scenes involving roaches

This one is kind of gross…to most people, although I personally am a fan of bugs. (show big) Creepy voice: I named this one “William”

Back to the movie credit thing. In the end credits of Creepshow, the crew members of roach wranglers were credited. Chyeahhh It was someone’s actual job to wrangle roaches. See, there were multiple scenes with roaches, and someone had to handle them.

Actually, it was two someones: David A. Brody and Raymond A. Menendez (if you take a look at his IMDB, you’ll see he’s actually worked on multiple films, like “Silence of the Lambs”- mention moth poster and skull). Apparently, multiple movies require the expert services of roach wranglers, the unsung heroes of our horror movies. But these two weren’t the only roach wranglers in the game.

Pic of the guy and v/o in odd voice: There were also professionals like Stephen Kutcher who explains how this is no easy feat to NPR, “Any fool could put a bucket of cockroaches on a table. But it takes somebody knowledgeable to know how to make them act for a camera.”

So next time you are complaining about your “boring desk job,” be thankful you don’t have to keep track of bugs for a living.


       The Old Testament, 1922: Three versions of the title cards were released: one for Protestants, one for Roman Catholics, and one for Jews.

Three versions of the title cards of this Italian film were released: one for Protestants, one for Roman Catholics, and one for Jews in an effort not to offend anyone. That way each group got their own film.

And they say our culture is too PC today?


       The Bit Part, 1987: Misspelled the star’s name – Chris Haywood as “Chris Heywood.”

This one makes us scratch our heads and say “how?!?” In the credits of ‘The Bit Part,’ they misspelled the star’s name…and no we’re not talking about Nicole Kidman. They actually made the mistake with Chris Haywood’s name, spelling it “Chris Heywood.”

But as a positive,  They spelled his name right on the movie poster!


       Night Patrol, 1984: An American Comedy with the credits in French for no obvious reason



We have to commend the trolling that happened in the end credits of this otherwise pretty normal comedy…American comedy. They wrote their end credits in French! For seemingly no reason other than to troll their audience! We suppose it was a little experiment to answer the question we posed earlier of “who actually reads these things?”

We like whoever came up with that one…à votre santé!


       Help! (1965): dedicated to Elias Howe (inventor of the sewing machine in 1846)

The Beatles were awesome. Not just because their music rocked (which it did), or because of their pretty inspiring views on the world (which changed many lives), or even because of their contributions to pop culture even today (we know you have a pair of Lennon sunglasses). Cut to me in sunglasses singing imagine close to cam. But no, the reason the Beatles are awesome in this case is because of their wicked sense of humor.

Sure we all know the ” ‘For those of you in the cheap seats I’d like ya to clap your hands to this one; the rest of you can just rattle your jewelry!’ that Lennon said (which cracks us up no matter how many times we hear it), but it’s the movie Help!’s credits that really show their humor mastery. See, of all the people they could have dedicated their film to, they decided to dedicated it to Elias Howe. In case that name doesn’t sound familiar, Howe is the inventor of the sewing machine. So yes, when you are the greatest band in the whole world, who better to dedicate your film to than to an inventor from 1846?

Call it absurd British humor and the fact that the Beatles were totally into their style and thankful to Howe for inventing the machine that made their fashion possible.


       A Serious Man (2009): “No Jews were harmed..)

The Coen brothers…leave it to them to do something unexpected (and downright weird) in their movie credits.

Their credits to “A Serious Man” certified that “No Jews Were Harmed During the Filming” of their film. Phew! That’s a relief. More movies should certify that specific groups are not harmed in their films. What about Irish people? Or Asians? Or Quakers? Where’s our certification that they were not harmed?

Another fun fact about Ethan: He graduated from Princeton University, but while there, he once tried to get out of a missed deadline by saying that lost his arm during a hunting accident. Even though he clearly had two of them. That totally sounds like something we would come to expect from a Coen. Leave it to these two to supply us with morbid (yet brilliant) humor.


      Airplane 2: Adolph Hitler, the Worst Boy

Airplane! is considered a comedy classic, and for good reason. That “I have a drinking problem” joke has been making us LOL since age ten! But a joke that you may have missed takes place in the sequel during the end credits where Adolph Hitler is credited as ‘the Worst Boy.’ Well, we can’t argue with that.

This is a play on the fact that the “best boys” are the assistants to the gaffer and the key grip in a film.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Leave it to Marvel to put a hilarious Easter egg in their end credits. In “Guardians of the Galaxy,” we are assured that “no raccoons or tree creatures were harmed during the making of this film.” Whoo, good to know, because we were scared that the real life Groot was a little too committed to his craft.

We can’t wait to see what Easter eggs “Guardians 2” has to bring to us.


  • Hot Shots!, 1991

Not to be outdone by Airplane!, Hot Shots! ended their credits with “”IF YOU HAD LEFT THIS THEATRE WHEN THESE CREDITS BEGAN, YOU’D BE HOME NOW.” Talk about pushy credits!

This is almost as bad as Ferris Bueller telling us to “Go home” at the end of his credits, a scene that Deadpool so brilliantly lampooned in his own movie. THE BEST MOVIE OF 2016.

And there you have it. So,  next time you watch a movie, be sure to check out the credits. You never know what magical comedy gifts may lie within them.