9 Musts of a 90s Sitcom Theme Song

In creating a new promo for MorissaSchwartz.com, I studied 90s sitcom theme song scenes and their usual tropes tirelessly. Below are my findings of the musts that every show must have if they want the show to succeed, but first, my video…

  1. Cheesy Music. The main ingredient of any good theme song. Without cheesy music, how is the audience to know what this show is about?
  2. Surprised Faces. Acting surprised that there’s a camera capturing the cast doing completely normal and pretty mundane tasks…Really D.J? Is it that shocking that the cameras caught you brushing your hair?

  3. Laughing maniacally for no reason. Unless you consider air funny. In every opening for a sitcom, the characters act like they just heard Jimmy’s…and errr Cartman’s Fishsticks joke for the first time! 

  4. Skipping outdoors. Because, duh, everyone skips outdoors.

  5. Goofy dancing. C’mon show us your moves! No, wait…please don’t.

  6. Family bonding. There’s an awful lot of hugging and picnicking in these openers. We get it, you love your family! That’s why we’re watching.
  7. Thumbs ups, finger guns, and/or pointing. Eyyy, everyone wants to be The Fonze.
  8. Pastel colored kiddy fonts. Because black fonts are just too easy to read.
  9. Jean jackets. A major fashion staple. Got yours yet?

**Bonus points for a wacky neighbor and or fun animal.